Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Escalante for Easter

We went down to Escalante over Easter weekend. Darrel and Rose are officially moving everything in at the end of the month, they were going to be closing on their home up in salt lake the following wednesday. We rode down with Casey and D and baby Preston. This was their first road trip with the little guy and 4 hours in a car can go great (if they are sleeping) or it can go how it did with our trip down.
We stopped in Scipio , Austin had to go potty, and D though she would feed the baby. Well, he wouldnt really eat, and while she was feeding him she felt a warm feeling on her legs and tummy. He had an exploding diaper that got all over him, his blanket, and all over D!!! I helped her in the bathroom, try and clean him up and change his outfit, about an hour later we were back on the road. I guess he was crying pretty hard so they decided to pull over and try feeding him again. and It pretty much went on like this the rest of the way. A 4 hour car ride turned into 6....I am sure they dont think it is funny, yet but someday they will.

Darrel, Chad, Austin, Asenath, Lil D, Nick, Kim and Jaydyn went on the spooky gulch (its a slot canyon with narrow passages) hike. And the little ones did really good they all had their moments but did really good.
The next morning (Saturday) The Easter Bunny had come and left a big easter egg hunt....the kids had a lot of fun and so did the adults, because we got to watch their excitement. We then went over to Grandma Roundy's house. She has a huge property full of trees and shrubs and sand hills where the boys like to play paintball so we played for a few hours. My only goal was to get Nick. I had no such luck so at our final game, I said Nick" It's on, put your mask back on and lets go" We had a little shootout...He got me first but I kept shooting I was determined to get him and finally I got him on the top of his head....sweet victory (in my book) The only bad thing about the trip is, I dropped our camera and it broke!!!

The drive home went much better. We got home on Sunday around noon. My mom had made some Ham and Cheesy potatoes and the best dessert ever...her strawberry shortcake...yummy! We also had another easter egg hunt for the kids, it was so fun!!!

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