Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We went over to my sister Melissa's house on Sunday to celebrate her little girl Grace 7th birthday!! I can't believe she is 7 already. I still remember driving to the hospital straight after work to go see her for the first time!! She had a hard start and was up at Primary Childrens Hospital for a while and had surgery on her newborn tiny body. She pulled through and is a very active healthy little girl, you wouldnt even know she had such a hard beginning.
She got spoiled!! all the kids love getting together to play, they have the best time and no one ever wants to go home!! It's the best being so close to your family, and making best friends within that family. I only had 2 cousins that I saw and they were much older than me, so I love the fact that my kids have so many cousins in their age group.
Later that night we went over to Chad's mom house to celebrate Nick's 30th birthday with a dinner. We always have a great time with Chads family too. We all get along and we enjoy eachothers company we sit and talk and goof around while the kids play and have a great time!!!
Monday (memorial Day) not such a great day for me. But thank goodness Chad had the day off work to be able to watch the kids. I was sick in bed all day except for the few times I had to run to the bathroom to throwup!! yuck!! We had plans to go see the new Indiana Jones Movie but we had to cancel them...bummer! Maybe next weekend.
This morning I woke up feeling achey and yucky again but now I feel almost back to normal...what a weird bug!!
We think we might go camping this weekend but we will see, it is supposed to be good weather but who knows!!!

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