Monday, March 17, 2008

Chad's Aunt Viki and cousin Margo came up to Salt Lake from Arizona to visit. We all got together tonight for a family dinner. It was good to see everyone. I can't believe how much everyone changes each time I see them.
Babies were the hot topic of discussion tonight. Viki's daughter had her 3rd AND 4th daughter--TWINS, on Valentines Day. Their names are Isabelle and Olivia. Kim had her little baby Seth not too long ago on November 18th and Casey and D had their first little babyboy-Preston on February 27th. So our family has had a bit of baby fever!! And because I get to be the aunt and not the new mommy this time around, I am loving every minute of it (baby is snuggly and cute in my starts crying and goes to mom or dads arms)... It was good to see everyone.
Austin and Alyssa are getting to the point that they fight bedtime. I remember doing this myself, so I am sure it is just payback. I told Austin that if he would please go to bed and stay in bed then I would take him to go see the Easter Bunny at South Towne Mall on Wednesday.....he quickly did as I asked. I am excited to go. I invited my best friend from high school, Jessica and her little boy Noah who is Austin's age to come with. I hope it works out. It seems like every time we try and do something one of us has something....I guess that is the life after high school, being married and having children. I am glad that we even keep in touch at all.

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